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Tree Trimming

Winter Watering

Make sure to winter water your trees and shrubs. Giving them a good soak periodically helps them resist insects and diseases.


The most destructive insect in the U.S. It has now made it to Colorado. Give us a call for more details.


(October-March). Dormant season is to get all fruit trees prune and clean up. Fruit trees include: Hawthorn, Elm, Pear, Apple, Crabapple, Mountain Ash, Birch. Even if they do not produce fruit, they are considered fruit trees. Pruning fruit trees prevents these trees on getting fireblight. Pruning a tree while it is dormant encourages new growth as soon as the weather begins to warm up.


  • 90 Ton Crane
  • Foot Bucket Truck
  • Foot Bucket Truck
  • 2 Log trucks
  • 3 Chip Trucks
  • 3 Chippers
  • 2 Stump grinders
  • Pesticide Truck

Trimming Or Pruning Your Trees

Signs a Tree May Be Ailing

There are many indicators your tree could be sick or dying. Large dead branches, vertical cracks or seams in trunk, fungus growing near base, sprouts coming from base, concentration of dead branches on one side of tree, large old wounds that don’t seal, or hollow sound when knocking. Contact us anytime with your tree questions and concerns. We always make safety a priority and you can count on us to facilitate the necessary city permits for removal.

Removing Trees Should Be Done By A Professional

Our technicians are trained to evaluate issues and problems in trees to determine if a removal is indeed needed.Our team prides itself in its transparency and in developing long-lasting relationships with Colorado property owners. We are always upfront about risk assessment and the pros and cons of each removal. Tree work is dangerous work, and your life and property are more important than saving a little money. So, leave cutting down trees and grinding stumps to a Certified Arborist with liability insurance. Call us at 970-988-3845 to evaluate your tree and give you a free estimate for removal.

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